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Full Face Permanent Makeup

You may decide on a couple permanent makeup procedures and wonder if you can have the full face done in one day. It is possible to have full face permanent makeup done at once and this takes about 6 hours to a full day. FULL FACE PERMANENT MAKEUP CONTRAINDICATIONS Are there any contraindications for doing …

Sanitation And Sterilization

Sanitation and sterilization

It is so important for a permanent cosmetic professional to use sanitation and sterilization procedures. Think about it… would you want the tools that touched other people’s dead skin, sweat, etc. to come in contact with your skin? Improper tool sanitation will have residue from acne, cold sores, pink eye, hepatitis and other germs. There …

Increase Collagen

How to increase collagen for a younger look

Microneedling and Fibroblast Plasma Lift are two affordable, safe ways to improve your skin texture that are minimally invasive. These procedures are both beneficial for those seeking to limit wrinkles and scarring, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and sun damage, and even eliminate hyperpigmentation. So, how to increase collagen for a younger look? There …

common permanent makeup questions

Common permanent makeup questions

The decision to have a permanent makeup procedure done often includes research on the procedure itself, as well as cost, results, artists, and more. Below, we answer some of the most common permanent makeup questions that we received so you can make an informed decision. IS COSMETIC TATTOOING PAINFUL? Many people who consider receiving a …

permanent makeup freckles

Why you should not get freckles permanent makeup

Freckle permanent makeup tattoos have become a popular trend, however, the experts at Novaline Permanent Cosmetics suggest you avoid this procedure. Like some other permanent makeup trends, this procedure creates a permanent tattoo that the client may start to dislike when the trend falls out of style or their personal style changes. There are also …

scar camouflaging

Benefits of Scar Camouflaging Treatment

Covering a scar or mark with a scar camouflaging treatment can go a long way towards helping a person become happier with their physical appearance. These expertly applied tattoos offer those who have been medically approved the opportunity to change the appearance of scars and make them much less noticeable. Common areas where scar camouflaging …

tattoo healing time

Permanent makeup tattoo healing time

A proper healing process is key to long-lasting permanent makeup tattoos. Tattoo healing time can vary from person to person, depending on a wide array of factors. In the following paragraphs, we will extensively cover the healing process for your reference. There are a multitude of factors that can influence the healing speed, such as: …

permanent makeup fade

Is cosmetic tattoo safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Permanent makeup tattoos are highly desirable among busy moms, but what about cosmetic tattoo safety while Pregnant or Breastfeeding? Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid these procedures due to the potential risks involved for them and their child. There are numerous reasons why expecting or breastfeeding mothers should not have these procedures, including …

permanent makeup safety

Contraindications for permanent makeup

Though permanent makeup does work very well on the majority of people, there are some people that should not have a permanent makeup procedure. Candidates who are seeking permanent makeup should know about Contraindications for Permanent Makeup. Any professional permanent makeup artist will ask you to fill in a questionnaire inquiring about these conditions before …

Laser eyebrow removal

Methods of permanent makeup tattoo removal

There are incidences where some permanent makeup tattoos are not done with the quality and skill needed to create your desired look. If you are unhappy with your permanent makeup tattoo, an expert artist may be able to fix it, but sometimes, removal is necessary. There are multiple methods of permanent makeup tattoo removal that …

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