Microblading Corrections

Microblading Corrections on The Rise!

Microbladed eyebrows have become a craze amongst people of all ages. The appeal: it is cheaper than permanent makeup, lasts about 3 weeks, and is less time-consuming than applying makeup eyebrows every morning. But like many beauty crazes, microblading corrections is too good to be true. The results of these procedures are often not what …

Pre-drawing Permanent Makeup

The importance of pre-drawing permanent makeup

Any true permanent makeup expert will tell you how crucial pre-drawing permanent makeup is. If you meet with a permanent makeup artist who does not pre-draw, that should be a red flag, as this step is paramount to ensuring your permanent makeup looks exactly how you want it to. Technicians with minimal training will rely …

Microblading Versus Machine Eyebrow

Microblading Versus Machine Eyebrow Techniques

Do you know the differences between Microblading and Machine Eyebrow Techniques? The following article is based on our extensive experience in permanent makeup, knowledge of skin morphology, and skin reaction on certain permanent makeup treatments. We have seen and corrected many procedures done in aggressive and incorrect manner performed by unprofessional hands, the vast majority …

permanent makeup consultation

Importance of getting permanent makeup procedure consultation

It is of the utmost importance that you do extensive research before choosing which permanent makeup artist you’d like to work with. While online reviews and personal referrals can certainly be useful, the best way to decide on your artist is to meet with them for a permanent makeup procedure consultation. When you attend a …

permanent makeup after care

Permanent Makeup After Care

Now that your permanent makeup procedure is complete, you may have some questions about what to expect in terms of care and healing time. While this can vary based on the person and procedure, most of the time the permanent makeup after-care process is the same. At Novaline Permanent Cosmetics we will go over all …

find permanent makeup artist

How to Find the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

When choosing a permanent makeup artist, training, accreditation, and experience are the most important factors to consider. Working with an inexperienced or improperly trained artist is HOW extremely risky and could cause potential aesthetic errors or health issues if done incorrectly. Below we outline the training and accreditation available to artists that you should look …

permanent makeup applying

How Permanent Makeup Is Applied

Permanent makeup, like any other tattoo, is applied using a hollow needle that penetrates only the top layer of the skin. Various machines are used with an array of needles to attain the look of natural hairs. Though the technique is similar to tattooing, the ink differs, with a more gentle formula that is better …

permanent makeup fade

Why does permanent makeup fade?

Many factors contribute to how quickly permanent makeup fades, such as timely touch-up treatments, your skin type, how frequently you exfoliate, the colour of the ink used, the quality of service performed, sun exposure, and more. There is no proven timetable to determine how long it will last, but over the years you will get …

permanent makeup safety

How Safe is Permanent Makeup?

While the beauty and convenience of permanent makeup are uncontested, some may have concerns about the safety of these procedures. We’re here to put your mind at ease; when done by a trained professional, permanent makeup is essentially harmless. We say essentially because with permanent makeup tattoos, as with all types of tattoos, there is …

eyebrows permanent makeup

Eyebrow Tattoo Prices

When considering getting permanent eyebrow tattoos done, the eyebrow tattoo prices are often a factor. Though it may be difficult for some to justify the cost at first, the vast majority find it well worth the initial investment for a long-term result. When you think about the time and money spent through the years on …

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