How to Find the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

When choosing a permanent makeup artist, training, accreditation, and experience are the most important factors to consider. Working with an inexperienced or improperly trained artist is HOW extremely risky and could cause potential aesthetic errors or health issues if done incorrectly. Below we outline the training and accreditation available to artists that you should look for when searching for a permanent makeup professional.


Depending on your location, the training required to work as a permanent makeup artist may be extensive or shockingly brief. For example, some areas may require only a one or two day seminar, where as others must have 200 hours of training to apply for licensure. You may even find that your city doesn’t have any regulations regarding these services, which means anyone can perform these services with no formal training.

Any training program will include a mix of theory and practical days, including opportunities for students to develop their skills under the watchful eye of an expert.

Generally, these courses cover safety (blood-borne pathogen control and cross-contamination prevention), topical anesthesia used to numb the area before tattooing, how to set up a procedure room properly, how to select which needle to use, after care, tools of the trade, application, and more. Colour theory, anatomy, skin type, and facial structure are also discussed to ensure each artist can give their client permanent makeup tattoos that suit their look and style.

For those who have already gone through training and are practicing professionals, additional advanced training opportunities may be available to upgrade the basic permanent makeup techniques or learn paramedical treatments such as scar camouflaging, areola restoration, hair follicles simulations, etc..

At Novaline Permanent Cosmetics, our instructor holds a CPCP dedication and we offer a wide array of training options for beginners as well as professionals. Our 7 day fundamental class is conducted in an intimate setting with only a few students in order to be able to give each student ample attention. Customized advanced training courses are also available to meet the needs of the artist and can be arranged in any order desired.


The most recognized accreditation agencies in permanent makeup include The Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, the Conventional and Cosmetic Tattoo Association, and the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

In Canada, the CPCP designation (Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional) from the SPCP is rare and highly sought after, representing the top professionals in the industry who have been tested against their peers on their skills and knowledge. This recognized standard designation ensures the artist is trained and credible, as most training courses simply provide certificates but no clear explanation of what training the artist actually went through.

Choosing an artist with a CPCP certificate is the best way you can make sure you are receiving exceptional services from a true professional in the field.


While training is of course crucial, it is through practice that artists really hone their skills and become experts. When seeking an artist to do your permanent makeup eyebrows, lip liner, etc., it is perfectly acceptable to ask them about their years of experience, the types of permanent makeup procedures they’ve done, and if they have any online reviews and photos you can browse through.

This is especially important when paramedical procedures, such as hair follicle simulation or nipple re-pigmentation are being done, as these procedures require additional training that is key to creating a natural look.

In short, training, accreditation, and experience are the three most important factors one should use when determining which artist they are going to work with. If you have any questions about our permanent makeup experts, please feel free to give us a call at 647-883-6251.

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