Paramedical treatments and paramedical micropigmentation are the series of permanent makeup procedures that can reduce the visibility of scars, skin grafts, and skin discoloration. Whether improving the appearance of skin abnormalities or minimizing the effects of trauma or surgery, micropigmentation can aid the physical and emotional healing process by restoring harmony and self-esteem. Patients who benefit from paramedical tattooing often suffer from conditions including alopecia, cleft lip and palate, scarring, vitiligo or webbed toes. Many patients have also previously undergone treatment for burns, breast reconstruction, cancer, skin disease, physical trauma, gender reassignment and hair loss. Novaline Permanent Cosmetics is proud to offer these life-altering procedures that can also help with hair simulation, and nipple creation or re-pigmentation. It’s important to note that paramedical micro pigmentation is not intended to provide medical treatment or cure any medical condition, it is simply a form of cosmetic tattooing, and one should always consult with their doctor to get a recommendation before undergoing any paramedical treatments.

Paramedical micropigmentation is an art that should only be entrusted to professionals with extensive experience and positive reviews. If you are considering any of the procedures above, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, or any other type of permanent makeup, we welcome you to give us a call at 647-883-6251 today.