Repigmentation & Scar Camouflage  is advised for areas of the skin that have visible scarring due to cuts, burns or medical procedures that are more than one year old. 

For those who wish to reduce the visibility of scars, micro pigmentation has the ability to break up the scar tissue and correct it with pigment application matching your skin tone so the scar becomes much less noticeable.

At Novaline Permanent Cosmetics, we will take the time to speak with you about what you would like to accomplish from the procedures, and meticulously mix the exact right colour to match your skin tone using only the highest-grade inks.

Repigmentation & Scar Camouflage

For optimum results, scars should be at least one year old and should be paler in colour than the surrounding skin. Individuals with loss of skin colour or those who have Vitiligo can also benefit from repigmentation procedures. Depending on the size of the area that needs to be tattooed, it may take multiple procedures to achieve the desired look, although many clients see significant results after just one procedure.

We have help you camouflage any kind of scars on the body like you never had it before. Scar don’t have to last forever. This procedure camouflage and diminish the appearance and irregular texture of scarring.

Scar Camouflage or repigmentation

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