Permanent makeup tattoo healing time

A proper healing process is key to long-lasting permanent makeup tattoos. Tattoo healing time can vary from person to person, depending on a wide array of factors. In the following paragraphs, we will extensively cover the healing process for your reference.

There are a multitude of factors that can influence the healing speed, such as:

Skin type – Different levels of collagen in the skin create differences when healing. For those with lighter skin tones, sunken scars are more common, whereas raised scarring is more common amongst those with darker skin.

Circulation – Good blood flow to the tattooed area helps considerably decrease healing time.

Age – As time passes, the skin takes longer to heal.

Smoking, physical activity, diabetes, sunlight, certain medications, and even diet can also play a role in the healing time.


Once your permanent makeup tattoo has been completed, the body’s healing process begins. During the first four to six hours, the tattooed area will be slightly red and swollen.

If you had permanent eyeliner applied, the eyelids can remain puffy for 24-48 hours. In this case, use of ice gel packs can substantially reduce swelling.

Lip colour tattoos are generally swollen for about 2 days, while permanent makeup eyebrows have minimal swelling.

For the first week or so, the tattoo will appear darker and more intense/full than the colour selected. Don’t worry, the colour will fade to the desired colour as the healing process progresses.

By day seven, the top layer of the skin will begin to flake and peel, leaving the colour much softer and more natural looking. When you return for your follow-up appointment, the colour can be adjusted slightly if needed. While the skin may be very itchy at this time, it is imperative not to scrub or scratch, which could cause infection. A dry cold compress can be applied to relieve this discomfort.

After about two weeks, your permanent makeup tattoo looks fully healed. It is recommended that you schedule your follow-up appointment about 1 month after your initial permanent makeup procedure to ensure everything is to your liking and has healed properly. Any areas that need to be filled or fixed will be taken care of, and the colour can also be changed (within reason) upon the client’s request. Some people have skin that is very resistant to tattoo ink, so multiple touch-up sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired look depending on the individual.

Once the permanent makeup tattoo has fully healed, another touch-up will not be needed for 1-3 years!

If you’d like more information about the permanent makeup tattoo process, and various factors involved in the healing process or to learn about a customized plan for your specific skin type, schedule a consultation with the experts at Novaline Permanent Cosmetics today at 647-883-6251!

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