Micro-pigmentation is the art and science of implanting colour into the upper dermal layer of the skin.

The specialized techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality hypoallergenic pigments, and medical-grade topical anesthetics let micro pigmentation professionals create the ideas that all women and men can benefit from.

There is no upper age limit on permanent makeup. You can sleep, swim, perspire, and wash your face and your makeup remain in place. Permanent makeup lasts up to 5 years, often longer.

It is recommended to boost the colour every 1-3 years to maintain colour freshness. Micro-pigmentation is a very safe procedure if it is done by an experienced and responsible artist. In accordance with Safety Standards, only disposable sterile needles and supplies are used for each procedure that is conducted in a professional sanitary environment.

So many bad cases of improperly done permanent makeup pass through my hands, that I want to strongly advise you to be very careful and spend plenty amount of time researching to make the right decision.

First thing you have to ask about:

  • Licence – Ontario laws state, that you have to be licensed in order to perform permanent makeup or tattooing.
  • Educational and advanced training certificates – It is not possible to perform a good quality micro pigmentation procedure without having completed advanced courses.
  • Safety– the first thing you have to see when you enter the premises is the Body Safe Pass Sign, which is issued by Toronto Public Health once the Personal Service Settings meet the standards of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Infection Prevention and Control.
  • A portfolio – is proof of experience, and professional and artistic skills, which every artist should be able to demonstrate.

Permanent makeup procedure is performed with the use of different devices- machines and manual tools. Choosing a device to work with is a matter of experience, knowledge and personal preferences of the technician. I tried and tested many machines and continue to do so, but as of now, I can say, that the best ones I used are “Nouveau Contour”, which I’ve been using for the past few years. The digital control unit assures a stable needle frequency that allows the most control and precision of application with flawless results. A patented Safety Needle Cartridge System works to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination. The machine comes with a fine line of cartridge needles, is unique in structure, varies in configurations and enables to perform fast and easy injection of the pigment into the skin to achieve perfect results that last a long time. All needles are single-use and disposable in a sharp container.

I have a huge palette of one of the best and most reputable brands in the industry Perma Blend.  This concentrated pigment line is manufactured in the USA, certified vegan friendly and has great retention and healed truly to colour. The big range of colours specially designed for lips, eyeliner/eye shadow, eyebrows, hair follicles simulation, skin camouflage and areola procedures are always custom-blended to match different skin tones. As an expert in colour analysis and makeovers, I artistically choose the exact colour and design that suit you best and harmonize with your personality.

I use high-quality medical-grade topical anesthetics, which ensure maximum comfort during the procedure.

In accordance with Safety Standards and Public Health Guidelines only brand new disposable sterile sealed needles, single-used supplies, protection barrier film, surgical gloves and masks are used for each procedure that conducts in a professional sanitary environment.

My premises successfully pass through Toronto Public Health Inspection Control on a regular basis and all the time get their Body Safe Pass Sign, which can be seen in my room among my many certificates.