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CPCP, SPCP, Certified Permanent Makeup Professional, Master-Trainer

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Permanent Eyebrows

Powder Soft Shading or Ombre:


Hair Strokes Nano Brows:


Combo Hair Stroke and Powder Soft Shading:


Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Classic or Soft Shaded:

from $700

Lower Classic or Soft Shaded:

from $600

Upper & Lower Classic or Soft Shaded: 

from $850

Upper with Eyeshadow:

from $850

Upper & Lower with Eyeshadow:

from $900

Eyelash Enhancement:


Permanent Lips

Lipstick Effect : 


Lip Blush:


Lip Liner:

from $600

Lip Neutralization:


Full Lip Colour & Lip Liner:

from $850

Tattoo Removal

Pigment from eyebrows,
lips, eyeliner:

from $200 per session

Colour Correction :

priced individually

Other PMU Services

Beauty  mark:


Paramedical Treatments

Scar Camouflage or repigmentation:

from $250

Areola Restoration:

priced individually 

Skin Discolouration:

priced individually 

Scalp Micropigmentation:

from $400


Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

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Soft Shading, Powder, Ombre Design:


Permanent Lips

Full Lip Colour:


Lip Blush:


Lip Neutralization:


Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Eyelash Enhancement:


Upper Eyeliner: 



Eyelash Lift:


Eyelash Lift and Tint:


Eyelash/ Eyebrow Tint:


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint:



  • $100.00 non-refundable deposit for each new, refreshing or touch up procedure appointment is required at time of booking.
  • 72 hours notice is required for one time rescheduling. Additional deposit is required for second rescheduling. 
    $100 charge is applied for missed procedure appointment or last minute rescheduling/cancellation.
  • The chance of touchup of our work is very low, less than 20%. We save your money not including it in the initial procedure price. If the touchup is still needed it can be done within 4-16 weeks after the initial session for the cost of $150-$250, 5th-6th months-$200-$300, 6th-12th month- 50% off initial price.
  • Touch-up, shape or colour correction of the tattoo done somewhere else are priced individually, starting from the regular procedure price and $200-250 for the extra session within 4 month if needed.
  • Colour and shape refreshing procedure for existing clients during 6-12 month after the initial session-50% off, 1-3 years after the procedure-20% off, after 3 years-10% off the regular price.
  • Consultation-15 min is $50, drawing of the shape during a consultation-$25 for every 15 min.
  • 10% off the regular price when two or more procedures done at the same time or prepaid in advance.

All prices are subject to HST. We accept: Debit, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, E-transfer.

72 hours rescheduling / cancellation notice is required. A $100.00 charge is applied for missed appointment.