Why does permanent makeup fade?

Many factors contribute to how quickly permanent makeup fades, such as timely touch-up treatments, your skin type, how frequently you exfoliate, the colour of the ink used, the quality of service performed, sun exposure, and more. There is no proven timetable to determine how long it will last, but over the years you will get an idea of how frequently you will need touch-ups. Generally, for lighter colours like blonde permanent eyebrow tattoos, touch-ups may be needed every 12 months. Darker colours can last much longer, needing touch-ups usually only every 2-3 years.

Permanent makeup, like all tattoos, fades over time, and because the pigment used for permanent makeup is slightly different than the regular tattoo ink, it fades faster than the average tattoo on other parts of the body. This special ink was purposefully designed to be less harsh looking and fades gradually, as the areas where permanent makeup is applied are often sensitive, and because a person’s facial look and trends change, they may want to adjust their permanent makeup to suit their current preference.

As mentioned above, the colours are designed slowly fade, so as to not be too noticeable. This allows colour and style to be changed as a person matures, dyes their hair, etc. Of course, changes can only be made within reason. For example, it would be very difficult to turn dark brown eyebrows blonde even after they have faded significantly, which is why it is important to carefully consider the colour you want to go with. Our skilled permanent makeup artists at Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics are happy to make suggestions for you if you’re unsure what colour to choose.

When you first get your tattoo, the colour will be darker than it will be once it heals. As the swelling subsides and the colour softens, the true colour of your tattoo will be more apparent, which is likely much closer to the colour you originally chose. Very small scabs that are nearly invisible may appear, it is important to let them heal and shed on their own so your permanent makeup heals properly. The peeling process takes about 10 days, and the total healing time for skin is 28 days, after which time you may have a follow-up visit with your artist just to make sure it healed well. Adjustments can be made after a month if necessary as well.

After your first touch-up appointment, you’ll just need to get touch-ups with your artist whenever you would like to define the tattoo again. This is what makes permanent makeup so convenient: very little maintenance is required. Imagine only getting your eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner done once every 1-3 years! On top of that, it looks perfect all of the time, and you can even apply makeup over your tattoos if you would like to temporarily change your look.

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